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Popup photo and message at bottom right




  • Craig

    I would go further and request ability to disable that "popup" (or at least the chime/sound that accompanies the "Hello, how may I help you?")

    I don't have an issue with the graphics overlaying the interface, rather with the extremely conspicuous loud and annoying chime.

    That said, the chat interface itself is useful when you need help. In other words, keep the functionality, but move this chat to a separate tab or put a URL in the lower right to spawn a new window. After typing that, it seems counterintuitive ... all users would be looking for "Help" or "Contact Us" up top.

  • Greg Claessens

    It usually blocks some data for me too.

  • Charles Phoenix

    I wish it would come back -- i haven't seen it in nearly 2 months. Is chat still a feature?


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