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Time review per client -



  • f.leveratto

    They got this enabled. Did you see that?

  • w2world

    My problem is that I am not that well aquainted with the program I have a problem as to where I should find these reports I think I could have found it but it looks wrong to me . What I was hoping to find is a screen which summarises my potential billings for the month - nice total at the top giving me total potential earned income for the month per client in respect of work done in that month what I think I am seeing is work done to date on that client and it includes the previous month because I really don't know how to delete what I have billed.


  • f.leveratto

    email me directly at and I can help you directly and with faster response. I believe to know what your problem is but i need to narrow down some details

  • andy.cleaver

    Did you get to this ? I'm wanting something similar - like drilling down into the segment of the pie chart on one client and have a list of all time entries for that client that can then be exported to a pdf or excel sheet. 


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