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Track specific Slack Channel Activity




  • Official comment
    Brett Owens


    You can now connect Chrometa up with your Slack account!

    To do this, click the Integrations tab from within Chrometa. Then connect up your two accounts. 

    When done, you'll see Slack time entries (including channel info) in your Chrometa account.

    Any questions? Need a hand? Please let us know.

  • stephen.kennedy

    This is a great suggestion and one I endorse and vote for. 

    Right now Slack is the hardest time leak to account for in Chrometa.

  • Erin Bruce

    I second this suggestion! I think a slack integration would really keep time from being correctly marked as admin when it really should go to a client. 

  • mika

    This is a big disadvantage compared to competitors. I would love to see this feature. Bump.


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