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Post-call description feature




  • Joel Azaria

    Same boat as OP.  Absolutely agree.  Had functionality like this back on my Palm Treos - invaluable.

    Extra gravy would be having the popup come up on for names that are in my contacts or only in (or not in) certain groups in my contacts so that we can keep it to business and not be bothered with a popup after a call from family or friends.

    Definitely a wanted feature.


  • Lisa Stratton

    Is this still "planned" three years later?


  • Wayne Boshier

    Haha good question Lisa. I moved on to other manual methods so no idea if they ever implemented it. Pity if they didn't - would be a killer app

  • Joel Azaria

    Sorry Lisa,  I moved on to another product after they lost 3 weeks of my data and wouldn't even own it was their own screw up.   Not a company I'd do casual business with let alone get in bed with.




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