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Recent projects under Move to Project




  • Official comment
    Brett Owens

    Hi everyone, thanks for your suggestion. This feature is now available via the Move To Projects dropdown - we have the 5 most recent projects listed at the top of the down, with the full list below this.

    And don't forget you can also use the Active Search box to narrow down both lists. Just start typing the name of your Client or Projects and the list will filter automatically. 

  • kera mchugh

    or if not the most recently added projects the projects with the most activity/hours... it can get tedious having to search the project every time when you have numerous clients with numerous projects... and some clients are only occasional but they still keep showing up first because they start with "A" :) 

  • srittman

    Kera's comment alerts me that I should clarify my suggestion.  I meant the last 5-10 projects to which time had been added.


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